Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fit Three, Page 17 … look on my snark, ye mighty, and despair!

The Baker, immer très über-courant, now practises psychogeography upon himself! Psychogeography — the urban flâneur’s deliberate mapping of his internal world upon the external world through which he flânes — it’s all the rage! The Baker’s zen-like state of internal vacuity is no impediment to the above process, he simply reverses the procedure. When one’s mind is entirely given up to all things snark, causal logic is a mere bagatelle.*

On the sand, half sunk a shattered visage lies, whose frown and wrinkled lips once proved a disquieting muse to the snark-hunter P.B. Shelley. The uncertainty of the poet crystallizes into the philosophical banana-peel of Romanticism upon which Surrealism eventually slipped and fell (cogitatus interruptus in medias snark).

The Baker knows none of this for his cerebral cortex is being overwhelmed by a shocking revelation of the secretive, amorous gigantism of the inanimate world towards the animate world … the love song of a rubber glove for its plongeur, the melancholy and mystery of a street lusting for a solitary Turinese pedestrian … an entire world whose very mind is as solely and entirely snark as his own!

Oh, gentle Baker, forever parsing the Snark’s enigma of arrival … when this riddle is solved, your tale will come to a devilish end …

* There are those psychogeographistes who insist on navigating their way, for example, through a suburb of Utrecht with only the aid of a street map of central Rome. None of this is to be confused with mere confusion, a paltry condition unworthy of the true snark hunter and smacking more of those be-boojumed unfortunates whose wives insist that they stop and ask for directions.


  1. As surely as oeuvre is the plural of oeuf, does this not conflate orgone with Aragon?

  2. Hiya. Got here from the Valve. I liked your attempt to conflate the Baker with Ozymandias, and wondered if you would like to take a look at this take on Shelley's work.

  3. Thank you messers nnyhav and Fëanor for your psychogeographic and ozymaniac concern. The scientific redaction of Ozymandias was hilarious … perhaps some science wallah (perhaps your own kind person?) could perform the same service on selected passages of the Snark?

    As for the orgonic oeuvre of Aragon, the mere thought makes scrambled eggs of my brains!