Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fit the Fifth, considered … is that a boojum in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

These dog days of summer are not conducive to the deeper, more respectable thoughts with which I am wont to sprinkle these snarkish feuilletons of mine. And quite frankly, Fit the Fifth has never been my favorite agony of the Snark, it’s a bit depressing really with its confluence of numbingly mundane pedagogic manias and the hallucinatory bouquet of early Christian hyperasceticism.

Sure, I could play it up for the laughs, scatter a few yucks here and there, or I could just make a drawing of a nubile gigglebox in a skimpy swimsuit standing next to a bunch of numbers.

But we are made of sterner stuff here at chez snarque, this is not the New Yorker, after all! We eschew all that pandering to the unwashed masses and instead, we will titillate you with this shockingly literate (and unsurprisingly British) exposé of the ‘pataphysical origins of the internet, courtesy of the occluded Dave Haan.

Dirty, stinking ‘pataphysicians, taking a good thing like internet porn and twisting it to their own selfish intellectual needs! Phooey on ‘em!

NB. A tip of the copper-sieved-bateau to Dave for sharing this valuable link to the Musée 'Pataphysique! Sapristi!

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