Thursday, January 14, 2010


In the cozy world of dreams, Nonsense and Lewis Carroll in general, the common house cat is most usually found curled up in the warmest spot in the dream, well-fed and utterly oblivious of the sundry mice and other oneiric vermin which are scurrying in the shadows.

The cat cares not. She betokens nothing and like King Lear, knows that nothing will come from nothing. There is no cat in the Hunting of the Snark for the simple reason that cats are philosophically opposed to anapestic verse … it has such a dog-like trot to it, don't you know.

There are cats in both of Carroll's Alice books but don't get your hopes up, they were attracted there solely by the books' popularity. They enjoy the attention, nothing more.

If you dream of a cat, refer to your dog-eared copy of the Dreambook of Mister Pyridine and then make your preparations quickly, lest the cat wake too soon and leave off dreaming of you!

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