Friday, October 8, 2010

A Snarkimental Education

Yet another visual conundrum to grace these hapless pages of The Hunting of the Snark by the safely dead Lewis Carroll. I say safely for I cannot know how Carroll would have taken this particular bit of sketchy jobbery and like all illustrators, I am a bit of an inky rascal who prefers to avoid outraged authors.

The duenna on the right is a generic optical illusion found in all the better sorts of psychology textbooks, the sort of textbooks which prefer not to delve too deeply into why a grown man feels the need to be pelted with salad and ice whilst clutching a giant muffin.

Such mysteries form the very bedrock of Human Stupidity and as such, are best left to the experts in such matters, psychologists, behavioral scientists, theologians and philosophers, all of whom concur in answering the question thus: because!

More Snark Cinematic News! It appears that another animated version of the Snark is in the works, produced by Saranne Bensusan and 3rd Story Productions. It appears to be a stop-motion production in the UK, more info here.

Elsewhere on The Hunting of the Snark …
On le nomme aussi BOUJUM par erreur


  1. Happy Ten Day! Not only that: 101010 being binarily 42 might rouse some interest in these parts ...

  2. Thanks, Dave, for the Binary reminder. It's an odd business, this binary intrusion into the Snarkian Multiverse's triunary matrix (triunary owing to the Bellman's Rule of Three) … reminds me a bit of Abbott's Flatland!