Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kon Snarki Tiki

People stop me on the street quite often and ask me: hey, Mahendra, your GN version of Lewis Carroll’s Snark that Melville House has just published, what’s it all mean anyway? Is it safe for kids? Where can I purchase it? Will it require a plain, brown wrapper?

Living as I do in Montréal, such questions are posed in French and so I’ll just give a quick précis of my mumbled answers :

Huh? Yeah, sure. Everywhere. I dunno …

Or you can go to MobyLives, where they’ve posted a nice, Polynesian-themed explanation of just what the heck this Snark is all about in the first place anyway.


  1. Thanks for the Polynesian themed explanation. I imagined myself having to sit over a weekend going through your ENTIRE blog to figure out what the heck this Snark is all about in the first place anyway. Now it's all clarified.

  2. And people stop illustrators on the streets to discuss their work??
    Looks like Montreal is the place for Illustrators to acquire their fame and fortune!

  3. Montreal is the place for slightly delusional illustrators such as myself to think, owing to their bad French, that everyone is asking them about their work.

    In fact, they are telling me, in French, to stop blocking the sidewalk.

    It is a rather nice city though. especially if you love lots of snow. And it has the worst Indian food in North America, in my opinion.