Monday, July 18, 2011

Hey, Lady Gaga — twitter THIS!

"… what Lewis Carroll would say about the goth niche … I suspect he would have grabbed a riding crop and delivered some hearty blows to the heads of the lower classes … We can’t have pond scum or bottom of the pond scum crawling to the top and making cultural choices … if we visual and verbal people continue to whore ourselves out so shamelessly, we’re going to get what we deserve, which is nothing."

To read more of Sean Michael Robinson's interview with me at The Comics Journal, click here. And thanks, Sean, for bringing my rant to the masses. That should really make 'em want to buy my book, the ironic rascals.


  1. Very engrossing reading! It was great to also read about the process of your illustrations - the inking, the line, the rhythm, the many inspirations behind it all...
    I raise my mug of tea to you, to this quote above and to more opinions from you in future.

  2. Thank you, Priya. A mug of tea is the best libation for drawing accurately.