Sunday, March 3, 2013

French-fried snark … les pommes frites snarkaises

The roar of the deadlines, the smell of the publishers, all these combine today to leave this over-worked illustrator no time for the usual Snark posting … so instead, I'll leave you with some links to recent reviews of my Snark GN, plus a really cool blog devoted to J.-H. Rosny aîné! Sorry, they're in French, so you'll have to stick a babelfish in your ear and carry on as best as you can. Don't panic, just suck on your towel …

Pour mes lecteurs francais … aujourd'hui, les travaux snarkaises me laissent enervé, epuisé … la puanteur d'encre et l'enfer blanche des planches vides me fatiguent. Au lieu de cela, je vous offre quelques bonnes critiques de mon BD Snark et aussi, un blog très interessant, dévoué à J.-H. Rosny aîné, avec les échantillons de mes dessins science-fiction.

• Soli Loci
• Echos Art
• J.-H. Rosny aîné

And by the way, the Slusser/Chatelaine translation of Rosny's SF novellas (Wesleyan Press) is available here. These are truly amazing and avant-garde works of SF, a must-read for anyone who wishes to blow their minds with a genuinely alien point-of-view in story-telling. Curious how little SF is really avant-garde … most authors' vision of alternate realities and futures is depressingly small-minded.

NB. If the Québec language police are reading this, they'll probably revoke my licence to write French, so order my Snark now before I'm buried alive under a thick, gooey mountain of maple-syrup saturated pasta.