Monday, July 8, 2013

Draw, memory!

I'm still on my semi-Snark-hiatus … like MacArthur, my Hunting of the Snark GN shall return (remember, kids, never fight a land-Snark in Asia) … and in the meantime, here's something from the files:

The Art of the Fugue, which appeared in Fantagraphic's Prime Cuts in 1987. I guess those were my salad days, at least Gary Groth must have thought so. This was my first comix in print so please be gentle with her, she's a delicate, colicky thing, not at all like a Snark GN.


  1. To this reader, the second-to-last panel's caption sounds like an echo from the Admirable Carroll's famous sentence: "Children are better employed with making mudpies". Perhaps was this predestination? (or is it procrastination? I always have trouble telling these two apart).

  2. Me also … all these pres are so troublesome and confusing. Damnation is such a bother, especially with all the paperwork.

  3. This is fantastic. Both the story and the pictures.
    May I ask what was the inspiration behind the making of this story?

  4. Thanks, Priya. … I am a lover of JS Bach and wanted to do a homage to him, I drew it in 85, I think, so it would have been for his 200th birthday. I like this style of constructing stories, where they drift in and out of meaning.

    1. I grew up hearing a lot of Bach's music.I appreciate what you've done even more now especially with the structure of the story.

  5. An excellent education for a young artist! Bach is The Master!