Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gone snarking …

This Snark Hunt must take a holiday of sorts this week. In lieu of the usual blather, I present to you the Major-General Butcher, who has knowledge animal, vegetable and mineral, or so he says (or sings, or rather, patters).

Congratulations to Doug Howick, whose analysis of the Butcher and his typology in the current issue of the Knight Letter is a must-read for all Snarkistes! Doug was able to furnish his lucky readers with no less than 42 illustrative examples of the Butcher, an amazing feat of bibliomania! Doug was also kind enough to allow my above drawing of the Major-General Butcher to occupy the coveted 42nd position in his article — thanks, Doug!

There is also a really clever and funny geneticist's version of the Snark in the same issue of the KL by Alison Tannenbaum, perfect beach reading for all vacationing Snark Hunters!

And finally, the good people at the KL have graciously asked me to take over editorial duties for the Rectory Umbrella, a task which I am deeply honored to accept. Any readers who have a hankering to see their Carrollian insights appear in the KL, espcially Snarkian insights, should contact me.

À bientot …

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