Tuesday, June 15, 2010

painted jubjub

The scream referred to above is the legendary Song of the Jubjub, that paradisical bird which figures so prominently in Fit the Fifth of The Hunting of the Snark, better known to the Illuminati as the Beaver’s Lesson.

I use the term paradisical in the traditional postlapsarian sense, the very same directional sense now being employed by the shamefaced Beaver and Butcher as they make their hasty way towards the exit. As we discussed in an earlier exegesis on this stanzel, they had been caught red-handed fooling about with each other’s masaccios despite the managment’s strict warnings not to do so!

Alas, all they that lend ear to the Song of the Jubjub must fall from grace! Verily, The Falls of these transgressors shall reach unto the very depths of the anglo-avian cinematic tradition so nobly engendered by the Jubjub and his creator, Lewis Carroll. Yowsuh.

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