Thursday, June 24, 2010

The sound of one hand snarking

Many comix artists posting their work on-line like to liven things up for the kiddies with a bit of well-intended blather concerning Process. This particular stanzel, in which the Butcher logically proves the existence of the Jubjub through the application of the Clochetic Rule of Three, is chock full of the overflowing, down-home goodness of Process.

So, how did I draw it?

Simple! Take a fresh, full bottle of black ink and dilute it entirely with white paper. Or if you prefer, starting at the beginning of the drawing, continue until you see the end, then stop. Or, even better, just keep drawing until the picture in your head runs out of room and is forced to move onto the drawing board.

Proof complete, times three! Yeah, baby, gimme some of that hot Process!

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