Friday, December 10, 2010

Snark the herald angels sing!

What does this picture remind you of? Seaside bathing in the salad days of Queen Victoria? Standing around with an umbrella waiting for the English rain? How about a spot of haute couture dissection atop a shiny zinc table?

If this picture simultaneously reminds you of the Snark's love of bathing machines and the Comte de Lautréaumont's dictum of "as beautiful as the chance meeting of an umbrella and a sewing machine atop a dissecting table", well, it darn well should!

After all, what did you spend all that money on your university education for if you can't recognize the battle cry of Surrealism being applied to this bit of Carrollian verse from Fit the Second?

Questions, questions! For more answers, amble over to A Journey Round My Skull, where Will Schofield has very graciously made room for yet another lengthy exegesis of mine upon all things Snark … you won't be disappointed!

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