Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Big Sleep

They say that the sleep of reason produces monsters but what does the sleep of monsters produce? The denizens of Alice’s Wonderland and the Looking Glass World must fit, perforce, the latter description and we shall wonder aloud: of what does Nonsense dream?

The dream-world of Alice is the world of the Snark, for although the Snarkian Multiverse is a dependency of Nonsense, it is clearly a distortion of the quotidian Victorian reality of Alice’s waking world, and as such, it is the nightmare of monsters, even such small-beer monsters as the Walrus and the Carpenter.

This is the secret allure of hunting the Snark, this is why the majority of Carrollians prefer the purity of Alician Nonsense … we Snark Hunters have gone over to the Dark Side where Nonsense is always tainted by an alien Reality — the Victorian reality of Bakers and Billiards and Butchers and ultimately, the Boojum of death!

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