Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Snark Day, Mister Carroll!

Today is Snark Day, that auspicious day 136 years ago when Lewis Carroll began composing The Hunting of the Snark and thus, in a semiotic and hypermetaphysical manner, began decomposing the non-existence of The Hunting of the Snark.

You might think all of that a bit of hairsplitting blather but to support both this frabjous day and this odd contention, I direct your attention to the above stanzel, the infamous Missing Bee stanzel, the very stanzel upon which both myself and the eminent Czech poet, translator and Snarkologist Václav Z. J. Pinkava both once foundered.

The spontaneous appearance of a Dee out of a Bee triggered the spontaneous appearance of a Bride out of a Bribe, and although the former was not stripped bare by any bachelors, she most certainly did not belong in this very proper and correct Victorian stanzel. But how to put her back again without destroying the very fabric of the space-time continuum of the Snarkian Multiverse?

Well, I'm at a lose for a solution to all of that, but something’s bound to turn up and meanwhile, let’s peruse this fascinating picture of an angry Tom Quad menacing a blob of ink which has fashioned itself into a Rorschach test pattern indicating a vivid mental picture of a Snark Day gone terribly wrong for somebody or the other!

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