Saturday, July 3, 2010

Snarkhunter’s Guide to the Universe

Lewis Carroll would be pleased to learn that scientists have finally confirmed what he had suspected for so long: that the entire cosmos, every last bit of it from the depanneur on the corner to the Horsehead Nebula, is actually an infinitely powerful supercomputer that just happens to look like Life, the Universe and Everything In It.

Carroll concealed this snippet of information inside his exegesis on the Jubjub’s Song, part of which is seen above. We see a bit of the Cosmos calculating the outcome of a frighteningly complex metamathematical operation whose purpose is so recondite, so deviously byzantine in its fiendish tautological perplexity that the Cosmos has totally forgotten what it was that it was supposed to be thinking about in the first place.

Stupido ergo sum — the song of the Jubjub!