Thursday, July 15, 2010

The word for French in Snark is Jubjub

Unlike certain countries where local customs require the Jubjub Birds to go about completely covered from head to toes in a swathy waddly sort of black body bag lest they overwhelm an innocent bystander with their lascivious aura of perpetual passion, we here in Quebec like our Jubjub Birds a bit more au naturel.

A bit of Jubjub ankle goes completely unnoticed on the streets of Montreal, where it is not uncommon to see the local women braving ice and snowstorms clad in their usual insouciant attire of stiletto heels, hose and cocktail dress. Such are the grim fashion realities of La Belle Province and what’s a Jubjub Bird to do in such circs?

At least her avian claws will provide some traction on the ice, at least sufficient to allow her to make her way to the nearest resto where she can indulge her absurd tastes for a bit of well-greased french fries submerged in thick, gummy cafeteria gravy topped off with bits of a rubbery cheese-like substance almost but not quite tasting entirely unlike cheese itself.

Fashion! The tyrant of Jubjubs and all of Canada alike!